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Preventing Cracked Teeth For Halloween

Lufkin TX Family DentistLet’s all just agree that the only thing that looks good with a missing or cracked tooth is a jack-o-lantern. This fall have you been noticing all of the cleverly carved  pumpkins?  The missing, asymmetric, crooked and cracked teeth make them look even better. Have a blast with your family creatively carving pumpkins while making fall memories and traditions together!

However, when it comes to jack-o-lantern type teeth, they should start and end with the fall pumpkins. No member of your family wants to suffer from scary teeth landscapes. One common issue that we see at Lufkin Family Dental is cracked teeth during this time of year.

Around this time of  year there are habits that can lead to a cracked tooth.

Here are some things to avoid during this season to prevent a dreaded cracked tooth.

  • Popcorn- Popcorn seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? Its light airy texture is easily bit into and enjoyed. The problem comes when you think you’re biting into popped corn, and instead, you bite into an un-popped kernel. A cracked tooth can easily occur when this happens.
  • Hard candies- Halloween is the time when children fill their buckets or pillowcases with the treats given to them by neighbors, parities and friends. Avoid the hard candies on a stick and individually wrapped. These candies are intended to be sucked, but are often bit into and a cracked tooth occurs.
  • Manufacturing packaging- Don’t use your teeth to open the treats. Use scissors.

Dr. Jacob Allen and his professional staff at Lufkin Family Dental would like to wish you a happy and safe fall season. If you do experience a cracked tooth, call our office and book your cracked tooth repair appointment.

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