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Children’s Dentistry

You want the best care for your child’s health and that includes their teeth and gums. By adhering to a regular schedule of routine checkups, cleanings and treatments, you can preserve their teeth and give them the gift of a healthy smile. Some of the benefits of pediatric dental care for your child include:

  • Improved self-esteem with a healthy smile
  • Prevent speech impediments due to dental problems
  • Improved health and growth of their permanent teeth
  • Catch oral health issues early
  • Reduce the cost of dental care with preventive treatments

You and your child have much to gain by protecting their oral health from an early age. Our team at Lufkin Family Dental wants to help you maintain healthy smiles in your children and give them access to all the benefits of a beautiful smile.

We Love Your Kids!

Our dental team at Lufkin Family Dental loves kids and we are excited to see little ones come through our door for dental treatment. Dr. Allen has a growing family of his own and enjoys the chance to care for the smiles of the children in the Lufkin community. We take the time to ensure our young patients feel comfortable and safe when they come in for their checkups and cleanings. Kids love our play area and our friendly staff. We want to give our patients a positive experience when at the dentist so they will continue to care for their oral health into adulthood with no dental anxiety.

Children should begin getting checkups as soon as their first teeth come in. It is recommended that infants have their first dental appointment by their first birthday to monitor their teeth. We help parents and kids learn the best way to care for those budding teeth to ensure they grow up with a healthy smile.

If you are looking for a family dentist that loves kids, contact Lufkin Family Dental today to schedule an appointment. We enjoy working with patients of all ages, especially children.