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Do Painless Dental Injections Really Exist?

Lufkin TX General DentistThere is no doubt that technology has transformed the way we live, from how we communicate to how we receive medical care. The field of dentistry is no different. Patients can now take advantage of modern dental technology when visiting the dentist for a routine procedure. Dental technology has made dental care safer and more efficient. However, a highlighted benefit of technology in dentistry is the improved patient comfort it provides.

When it comes to going to the dentist, not everyone looks forward to the experience. For many, it is a fear of needles that keeps them away. Dental injections are used to numb the affected tooth area so that the patient can better tolerate the treatment. However, it is that initial injection itself that has prevented many people from getting the dental treatments their smile needs to stay healthy. This can lead to worsening pain and more costly procedures down the road.

Fortunately, with today's advanced dental technology, there is a way to make dental injections pain-free. DentalVibe is an innovative tool that has changed the way patients experience dental care. No longer do they have to fear a filling or root canal because of a needle stick in their gums or cheek. DentalVibe is a simple, fast and effective method to eliminate discomfort while getting a local anesthesia injection.

To understand how DentalVibe works, it is best to understand the "gate control theory of pain." This is a scientific theory pertaining to the psychological perception of pain. According to the theory, pain messages must travel through "nerve gates" in the spinal cord before they reach the brain. The Gate Control Theory of Pain asserts that a stimulation by non-noxious input (or a stimulus that is not actually damaging tissues) is able to close these nerve gates and suppress pain.

The DentalVibe operates on this theory and is quite successful at proving it. The handheld device delivers a light vibration to the tissues around the injection site at the same time that the anesthesia injections are administered. The vibration stimulus reaches the brain first. Therefore, the DentalVibe is able to "trick the brain" into feeling the vibration instead of the needle prick. Using the brain's perception to essentially block pain is an advanced theory that can truly change how adults and kids receive dental care today.

Is your fear of needles keeping you from seeing the dentist? At Lufkin Family Dental, we have adopted the latest dental technology so that you can have a comfortable and relaxing visit, despite your fears or concerns. Learn more about DentalVibe and call our family dental office today.

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