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Who’s The Easter Bunny At Your House?

Lufkin TX DentistWhat role does the Easter Bunny play at your house? Some families decide to go full out and continue the tradition of the Easter Bunny that has been passed down from generation to generation in the United States. Other families choose to steer away from the more secular parts of Easter and avoid the Easter Bunny altogether. Whether your family incorporates the Easter Bunny in your Easter celebration, or not, it’s safe to say that candy probably is involved in some way.

If you’re the Easter Bunny in your house or just buying the candy, here are a few suggestions for filling your child’s eggs with treats they will enjoy, and treats that are good for their dental health.

  • Think about filling eggs with coins. Children love to accumulate coins because they add up to considerable amounts of money! It’s a fun practice for them to add up coins for their math class. Your child’s teachers will thank you for helping in their education, and your child will be spared from eating too much sugar.
  • You don’t need to avoid giving your child candy. Moderation is the key. Teaching your child the discipline of moderation is hard, but important. Determine what is reasonable amount of candy per week for your family, and help your child stick to that.
  • While your child enjoys their candy, have them pair it with drinking plenty of water. Drinking water will help neutralize the acids produced by the bacteria.

Lufkin Family Dental would like to wish your family a very happy Easter! Book your appointment with us today!

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