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A straight smile is attractive and healthy. Orthodontics can shift crooked teeth into place and correct bite issues that detract from the beauty of your smile and can make it harder to avoid dental issues. At Lufkin Family Dental, we offer orthodontic treatments to help our patients achieve a healthy, straight smile that looks and feels fantastic.

When teeth are not properly aligned, they can cause many different oral health issues. Crooked teeth can trap food and bacteria, making it hard to avoid decay and gum disease. Misalignment can cause pain in the jaw and lead to TMJ/TMD, a disorder of the jaw joint. Orthodontics shift teeth into their correct position for better health and a more beautiful smile.

Comfortable Orthodontic Treatments

While metal braces have been used for many decades to fix malocclusions, they are not the only option for straightening teeth. At Lufkin Family Dental, we can help our adult and teen patients achieve a healthier, straighter smile without braces. We offer the following options for orthodontic treatment:

Clear aligners can offer the same results as metal braces, but without the embarrassment or discomfort. Invisalign is a leading provider of clear aligners that are comfortable and discreet. There are no wires or brackets, just clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and gently shift your smile into place. You can even eat the foods you love and still keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine since the aligners can be removed for meals and brushing. Most Invisalign treatments last about the same time as braces, yet require fewer trips to the dentist and are more patient-friendly.

If you or your teen need orthodontic care for a healthier, straighter smile, come visit us at Lufkin Family Dental. We have orthodontic options that are comfortable and discreet, like Invisalign clear aligners. We have payment options and accept most dental insurance plans. Contact our office today to schedule your orthodontic consultation.